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Version: 12


macOS 12+

Perpetual License

SignalScope XM’s Basic Tool Set includes access to a suite of basic analysis tools, plus specialized hardware support, such as auto-loading factory-supplied microphone sensitivities for select USB microphones, updated nominal voltage sensitivities for select audio input devices, and automatic calibration for audio input devices that include built-in sensitivity information.

Tools included in this tier:

Standard Features:
  • Analyze signals coming from any available audio input device connected to your Mac.
  • Assign engineering units to your input signals and calibrate external transducers for accurate measurements.
  • Assign input channel units and sensitivities for individual USB Audio devices.
  • Connect lab-grade microphones and sensors to your Mac with suitable interface hardware for precise measurements.
  • SignalScope XM offers enhanced support for select hardware from Digiducer, The Modal Shop, Dayton Audio, and miniDSP.
  • Manually switch between available audio input and output sources.
  • Load microphone frequency response data (FRD) and apply frequency response correction (FRC) to FFT-based measurements.
  • Manually adjust audio sample rates, even up to 768 kHz, depending on input hardware.
  • Save acquired measurement data to CSV, tab-delimited ASCII text, or MAT files.
  • Save high-resolution analyzer display images to PDF files.
Cross-platform Perpetual License Option: The same tools and features found in the Basic Tool Set are also available in SignalScope Basic 2022.

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