Lightning Input (External Audio Device)

Except for specific microphone and accelerometer devices, audio devices connected to the Lightning port support units of FS (full-scale, or maximum input before clipping), and V (volts). The input channels support various engineering units, in addition to FS. One reason for including separate units and sensitivities, for the input device and the input channels, is to enable a voltage calibration at the device level, which then allows you to enter a standard sensitivity for a transducer connected to a particular input channel (e.g. 50 mV/Pa for a microphone or 100 mV/g for an accelerometer).

Different units may be selected for individual input channels.

The default voltage sensitivity of the external input devices is 1.0 V/FS.

  • It is possible to adjust the input gain of some external input devices. By default, the existing input gain of the device, before SignalScope was launched, is preserved. Once you change the gain in SignalScope, it will keep that gain setting until you change it again. Changing the gain setting will generally require adjusting or re-calibrating the input voltage sensitivity.

    The Gain setting can be used to adjust the measurement range. To measure higher signal levels, choose a lower gain setting.