General Options

The main options screen can be reached by tapping the options icon in the toolbar, which sits at the top of the screen when the tool tabs are visible at the bottom. The General Options group at the top presents options that apply to the entire app.

  • Built-in Web Server
    SignalScope shares data by running an http server on your device. By entering the server's IP address in a web browser, you can download data from the app to a mobile device or computer. Your device must have an active Wi-Fi network connection. You access the file server settings, and determine the correct IP address, by tapping on Built-in Web Server.
    Certain tools, such as the Level Meter and Octave Analyzer support live data monitoring via the web server.
  • Manage Local Files
    SignalScope also features a built-in file browser, which allows you to see which data files are still being stored on your device and delete them, if desired. This browser can be accessed by tapping Manage Local Files.
  • Prevent Screen Auto-lock
    If your iOS device is set to automatically lock (sleep) after a number of minutes of inactivity, you can use this switch to prevent it from doing so. This can be useful when monitoring signals over an extended period of time, without the need to interact with the app to prevent the display from locking.
  • Run in Background
    Keep this option switched on if you want audio analysis to continue when you exit SignalScope.


  • Color Scheme
    The top segmented control switches between Black, Blue, and White color schemes. The color scheme name refers to the primary background color.
  • Plot Line Thickness
    This segmented control can be used to select the thickness of live data traces in graphs within the app.