Octave Analyzer

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SignalScope X features a whole or third-octave-band real-time spectrum analyzer (RTA) that employs order 3 digital Butterworth bandpass filters, as recommended by ANSI standards. Spectral measurements can be made with fast, slow, or impulse time-weighted exponential integration, with flat, A, or C frequency weighting. Equivalent (long-time average) signal levels can be measured as well. In addition to recording the current average level, the octave band analyzer keeps track of max and peak levels and it can even display the max or peak level simultaneously with the current average level.

A data cursor may be placed within the spectrum display with a single tap. You can move the data cursor by sliding your finger to the right or left inside the spectrum display. A double-tap turns off the data cursor. When the cursor is visible, spectrum information associated with the cursor is displayed in a small info view above the spectrum display. Cursor peak tracking can be cycled between max, min, and off with a triple tap.

The info view also displays the overall signal level, as well as the elapsed time from the time the measurement was started.

Depending on the current auto-scaling selection, the vertical scale of the spectrum display may also be altered by a single-finger slide, or with a two-finger pinching gesture inside the vertical axis region (the region containing the vertical axis title and labels).