Data Recorder

The Data Recorder tool allows up to 16 channels of data (up to 8 on iPhone) to be streamed to an audio file and automatically stopped after a user-defined period of time. The maximum file length is 2 hours, 59 minutes and 59.9 seconds, but the Data Recorder can be configured to automatically begin streaming to a new file once the current file length has been reached. In this way, input data can be continuously streamed to disk for many hours (as long as enough free disk space is available).

The Data Recorder supports AIF, CAF, and WAV audio file formats. In addition to the audio file, an "info" file can be saved, which contains metadata including date, time, location (if desired), input channel details, and sensitivity calibration information. The info file format can be CSV, TXT, or MAT. This metadata will always be embedded within the audio file, itself (chunkID: 'FHdr').

While recording, it is possible to monitor time waveforms and signal levels for all selected input channels, as well as elapsed time since recording began and the total length of data recorded to disk. The last 2 values may differ because the Data Recorder allows for recording to the current file to be manually paused and then resumed. When recording is stopped, either manually or automatically, the current audio file is saved in the tool's file directory.

The Data Recorder can be configured to start recording automatically after a user-defined threshold is exceeded.

The data visible in the time waveform plot can also be exported to a data file, saved to an audio file, or saved as an image in a PDF file, using the action button in SignalScope's main toolbar.


At any time, tap the record button (orange circle) to start recording. Tap only the play button (either to the right of the record button or in the app's main toolbar) to begin monitoring selected input signals.

While recording, press the stop button (white square) to stop recording and save the current audio file. Or, press the pause button to pause recording while keeping the current audio file open and ready to receive more data. While recording is paused, press the play button to resume recording.

The small, white time display indicates the amount of time since recording (or monitoring) began. The larger, orange time display indicates the total amount of data recorded to the current file.