XY Scope Options

X/Y Channel Options

  • X and Y Input Channels
    The X and Y channels can be selected using the input channel selection menus, which are accessible from the XY Scope's toolbar.

Scope Options

  • Mid/Side Mode
    The Mid/Side Mode option can be useful for analyzing stereo audio signals and systems (i.e. when the X and Y inputs represent the left and right stereo channels, respectively). In Mid/Side Mode, a monaural signal will create a vertical line in the scope. Differences in the two input channels (i.e. stereo separation) will cause the scope's trace to deviate from that central, vertical line. In Mid/Side Mode, the X channel is calculated as the difference between the X and Y (or Left and Right) input signals and the Y channel is calculated as the sum of the two. In both cases, the result is divided by two.
    X = (X-Y)/2
    Y = (X+Y)/2