Signal Generator Options

  • Amplitude Type
    Amplitudes in the Signal Generator tool may be specified as a percentage of the full scale (maximum) output amplitude, or as a dB value, relative to the full scale amplitude (0 dB corresponds to the full scale amplitude and -80 dB would correspond to 0.01% of full scale).
  • Pan Type
    The panning between the two output channels can be performed in one of two ways. Linear panning will linearly increase the level of one output channel while it decreases the level of the other. Shelf panning will hold one output channel level constant while the other is either increased or decreased. These two approaches are represented graphically in the segmented control buttons.
  • Invert Ch 1/2 Polarity
    The polarity of either or both output channels may be inverted. Inverting one of the two channels enables the two output signals to be combined as a single, balanced signal for higher output voltage when applied to the balanced input of a mixer or amplifier.