MultiTool Options


  • Current Configuration
    The MultiTool can save and load different configurations of subtools. This line displays the name of the current configuration. A configuration keeps track of which subtools are included in the MultiTool as well as the configuration options for each subtool.
  • Save a Copy As...
    To save a copy of the current configuration under a new name, enter the new name in the text box and then tap Done on the on-screen keyboard. The new configuration will be saved and automatically selected as the current configuration. At this point, any changes made to subtools (adding or removing subtoos, or changing their configuration settings) will now be stored in the new configuration.
  • Manage Configurations
    Tap on this option to be presented with a list of SignalScope's stored configurations. The configurations in this list can be deleted (except for the Default configuration) or selected as the current configuration (just tap on the one you want to select as the current configuration).
  • Export Current Configuration
    Tapping this option will cause the current configuration to be saved to a file with the extension 'mtc' (abbreviated from 'MultiTool Configuration'). The file will be saved in the MultiTool's data folder and can be shared with other devices and users.
  • Load Configuration from File
    A MultiTool Configuration file (with extension 'mtc'), created by SignalScope X or SignalScope Pro, can be loaded into the MultiTool by tapping this option. The file can be loaded from SignalScope's local files, or browsed for among available document sources on your iOS device (e.g. iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

Display Options (iPad only)

  • Subtool Stacking
    When adding new subtools, priority can be given to arranging them vertically (one above the other) or horizontally (side-by-side).