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Data Recorder

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High Resolution, Multi-channel Recording: Record up to 16 channels simultaneously (up to 8 channels on iPhone), including input, output, or virtual output channels, to 24-bit AIF, CAF, or WAV audio files. Record with sample rates as high as 768 kHz (supporting hardware required).
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Continual Recording: The maximum single file length is 2 hours, 59 minutes and 59.9 seconds, but the Data Recorder can be configured to automatically begin streaming to a new file once the current user-defined file length has been reached. In this way, input data can be continually streamed to disk for many hours (as long as enough free disk space is available).
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Record Calibration Information: The Data Recorder will automatically store calibration information, such as units and sensitivity, for each channel in a custom data chunk embedded in the audio file. The same metadata can also be exported to a separate CSV, MAT, or TXT file. Compatible software, such as SignalScope's File Player tool, can read this metadata along with the raw audio data and apply it for calibrated measurements and analysis of the raw data stored in the audio file.
  • Input: Up to 16 channels simultaneously (limited to 8 on iPhone), selected from any available input, output, or virtual output channels
  • Max File Length: User-definable in 0.1 second increments up to 2 hours, 59 minutes, 59.9 seconds
  • Audio File Resolution: 24 bits per sample
  • Supported Sample Rates: Any sample rates supported by the audio hardware used for recording (up to 768 kHz)
  • Automatic Start Triggering: Enable/Disable
    • Source Channel: selected from any available input, output, or virtual output channels
    • Threshold: Recording will start when this user-defined threshold is exceeded on the source channel
    • Pre-trigger Delay: Up to 100 milliseconds of data from before the trigger event will also be captured
  • Audio File Options
    • Include Location: Enable/Disable
    • Audio File Format: AIF, CAF, WAV
    • Filename Suffix: Counter, Date/Time
    • Save Info File: Enable/Disable
    • Info File Format: CSV, MAT, TXT
    • Keep Recording: Enable/Disable (when enabled, the recorder will automatically start recording to a new file when the Max File Length is reached for the current file)
    • File Limit: User-defined maximum number of files to record to (includes first file, so should be 2 or greater in order for Keep Recording to have any effect)
  • Graph
    • Horizontal divisions: 10
    • Vertical divisions: 10
    • Autoscale: Off, Auto, Up, Down
    • Amplitude Scale (Units/Div)
      • 1e-9, 2e-9, 3e-9, 4e-9, 5e-9, 6e-9, 8e-9, 10e-9, 20e-9, 30e-9, 40e-9, 50e-9, 60e-9, 80e-9, 100e-9, 200e-9, 300e-9, 400e-9, 500e-9, 600e-9, 800e-9, 1e-6, 2e-6, 3e-6, 4e-6, 5e-6, 6e-6, 8e-6, 10e-6, 20e-6, 30e-6, 40e-6, 50e-6, 60e-6, 80e-6, 100e-6, 200e-6, 300e-6, 400e-6, 500e-6, 600e-6, 800e-6, 1e-3, 2e-3, 3e-3, 4e-3, 5e-3, 6e-3, 8e-3,10e-3, 20e-3, 30e-3, 40e-3, 50e-3, 60e-3, 80e-3,100e-3, 200e-3, 300e-3, 400e-3, 500e-3, 600e-3, 800e-3, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 20.0, 30.0, 40.0, 50.0, 60.0, 80.0, 100.0, 200.0, 300.0, 400.0, 500.0, 600.0, 800.0, 1e3, 2e3, 3e3, 4e3, 5e3, 6e3, 8e3, 10e3, 20e3, 30e3, 40e3, 50e3, 60e3, 80e3, 100e3, 200e3, 300e3, 400e3, 500e3, 600e3, 800e3
    • Time Scale (s/Div)
      • 10e-6, 20e-6, 50e-6, 100e-6, 200e-6, 500e-6, 1e-3, 2e-3, 5e-3, 10e-3, 20e-3, 50e-3, 100e-3, 200e-3, 500e-3, 1.0, 2.0
    • Use Channel Units: Enable/Disable
  • Data Export (monitor waveforms and signal levels)
    • Audio File Format: AIF, CAF, WAV
    • Data File Format: CSV, MAT, TXT
    • Image: PDF
    • Optionally include current location in exported data files.
  • Specifications Subject to Change
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