SignalScope Pro for iOS
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The original version of SignalScope Pro, which was available in the App Store soon after its opening in 2008, has been replaced by new subscription-based and perpetual license apps.
If you purchased the legacy version of SignalScope Pro, you may continue to use it on iOS 12 or earlier. If you need to re-download it, you may do so for free. Please visit Apple's support site for instructions on how to re-download previously-purchased apps:

Redownload apps from the App Store

Newest SignalScope Apps

Subscriptions: Continuous Access to the Latest Tools and Features, Free to Try
You can download SignalScope X and for free. Some functionality is free to use indefinitely. For access to more powerful tools and additional features, a subscription is required. You can try a subscription for free for up to 14 days.

The future of dynamic signal analysis.

Perpetual License: Pay Once, Use Indefinitely
The 2022 versions of SignalScope will receive upgrades consistent with the respective subscription levels in SignalScope X through 2023. After that, they will continue to receive maintenance updates through 2025 and will continue to work indefinitely on compatible versions of macOS, iPadOS, and iOS.

Professional tool set.
No subscription required.

Advanced tool set.
No subscription required.

Basic tool set.
No subscription required.

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