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  • Why does it keep retriggering when set to Single? And it seems to trigger regardless of the mode. And triggers with no input and level set to 0.1FS. Help. Bob
  • Thanks for the help. I am having difficulty with my fat fingers capturing my waveform and scrolling to a place of interest on the x/time axis without accidentally restarting and retriggering. Also I'd prefer just entering the timebase rather than the pinch method. My 2 cents.... keep the change. Bob
  • Thanks Ben, Are you implying that it is ok for me to connect to the line in inputs on the dock connector? I am a Electrical Engineering Prof who wants to experiment with the iPhone's line in features and not looking to publish (i.e., get Apple's blessing) any apps at this time. Does the SDK support input from both line…
  • I just purchased SignalScope for the iPhone and generally like it a lot. However, it would be useful to be able to set the sampling frequency and recording duration of the time-domain waveform myself. It would also be useful to be able to capture the waveform to a data file to be emailed as well as to a photo as currently…

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