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  • sweet! thank you so much for helping me (and your indulgence!)
  • simple as that? So the program averages all the measurements it takes during the set "duration" automatically?
  • Well, I'd like to be able to take RTA measurements, moving the mic around the listening position where the listeners head would be situated during the 20 second interval, and have the RTA average the measurements taken during the 20 second interval. (I hope that makes sense!) Can it do that? if so, how do I do that? Many…
  • Hi, Thank you for your response. I found that, but I can't seem to find anything pertaining to how to use the averaging function. Do you happen to have instructions you could give me? Thank you in advance!
  • Hi, Thank you for your response! this "SignalScope's built-in documentation" you mention. How do I access this? thank you in advance!

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