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  • Thank you. The Audio MIDI was indeed set to mute. The only thing I did was to change the gain in Signalscope, and if that didn't trigger the Audio MIDI to mute itself, I don't know what did. I can experiment further, but for now, thanks again.
  • I'm using SignalScope Pro v12.2, Mac OS on Mac computer. The mic does not work at all now. I usually use the Multi-Tool with FFT, oscilloscope, and meter. There is no activity in any of them when I start it up, except the elapsed time clock. This first occurred the next day after I was playing with the gain level, so I…
  • I had previously done just that dozens of times with no success. This time, with each device, it worked and the two devices are the same. Go figure! Obviously I did something different this time. Thank you.
  • On the Mac, the i436 is plugged directly into the headphone TRRS jack. The manufacturer calibrated sensitivity is 9.1 mV/Pa. The input source is external microphone. CH1 units are Pa and device units are FS. The gain is set at -24 dB and has never been adjusted. On the iphone, the i437L is plugged directly into the…
  • Thank you. Very helpful.

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