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  • Sorry for the late reply to your reply here Ben. Yes I agree. Also, although, not as important, but nice anyway would be a reference button that a predetermined frequency with amplitude setting (memory button!) could be applied- like 1kHz @ 1vpp would be extremely useful. Do you know if the iPhone/iPod outs are consistent,…
  • Ben, that idea sounds great. I'm presuming that you intend to merge the two apps (Scope and Suite) together? If this is the case, it would be even greater if SignalScope could also produce a CSV file too? Or is that just asking too much? (I'd happily pay for this).
  • Hi Ben. Thanks for the reply. Apparently the Outline turntable that we have, rotation can be achieved simply by sending a signal (+5v?) via its parallel port interface. I know though that this older analogue model has been superseded by a newer high-tech model that uses ethernet connection. Polar plots aren't too much a…

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