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  • The solution as it turns out was to draw a little current from the power supply for the headset mic. An 3.3k ohm resistor shunting the input drew the 2.7 vdc supply down to 1.9 vdc. The source oscillator is DC blocked by a 10uF capacitor. The ipod touch showed " Headset mic " on it's audio source display but initially…
  • I am indeed attempting to get signal into a second generation iPod touch into Signal Scope. Signal Scope will not accept audio from the mic input ring on the mini jack. I have also installed an app called Recorder that will recognize a mic input. What can I do to encourage Signal Scope to play nice with the audio input?
  • I have acquired several TRRS style mine to RCA patch cables which as it turns out are called AV camera cables. I have identified the appropriate contacts for what should be signal input to the Ipod touch ( Ring 2 and sleeve counting from the tip with Ring 2 being the common for all inputs and outputs ). Signal Suite shows…
  • I would second this request. I drag a 25 year old Leader signal generator around just to have this indispensable function. A defineable start and end frequency and a drag to sweep control on screen would be an excellent addition to Signal Suite.
  • There is this :
  • I have recently acquired an ipod touch 2G with audio input. I want to get signal into via the mini jack. I've seen TRRS mini to three RCA cables in the wild and thought that Radio Shack at the very least stocked them but apparently not. Does anyone know who stocks these ? It would be a pain to have to just buy the iphone…

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