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  • I have a request for the removal of a feature! :-o Please remove the Impulse time-weighting. It's not a good indicator of subjective response; people should be using peak sound level to characterize impulsive sound sources. Peter
  • +1 for the suggestion for a preset averaging time for Leq measurements. Perhaps fixed averaging time could be switched on or off in the SLM options (default being the existing off) with a user entry box for the averaging time. It would be useful to be easily able to set 10 s, 20 s, 30 s, 1 min, 1 h, 4 h, 8 h as the…
  • +1 for the compliments on the excellent app. +1 for the suggestion for the dosimeter/sound exposure meter capability. I would be willing to pay for this capability. Obviously, the sound exposure would be due to external sources only and not reflect whatever was going in from the earbuds. Peter
  • MM, Your ultimate resource for specifications would be the international standard for sound level meters, IEC 61672-1. You would probably have to buy this from a scientific library or from the IEC website. A complete beginner should probably just find the equations for 'time-averaged sound level' and 'frequency weighting…
  • Hi Ben, Thanks for your clear and informative response. On that basis, I'm going to go ahead and purchase SoundMeter. I would have purchased SignalScope Pro (which looks very powerful) if it had overall C-weighted peak sound level, instead of just in fractional-octave bands. Hope you might find that a potential feature for…
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