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  • It is certainly much better. Memory usage is much reduced, but there is a slow creep upward. With Meter Bridge, XY Plotter, O'scope, and Octave Band windows running, memory started out a bit under 43MB and has gradually crept up to 111MB after an hour. Interestingly, for half that time the Toolbox windows were covered by…
  • I was monitoring 2 channels on the US-1800. It is repeatable on any of my Macs under OS10.9 on any input. Procedure: start Activity Monitor and look at memory. Start Toolbox, new project, select Built-in Input and start it, open Meter Bridge or any other window, and watch Toolbox memory go up. The more windows open, the…
  • Watching in Activity Monitor, with Meter Bridge, Oscilloscope, Octave Analyzer, and X-Y Scope open, Toolbox increases memory footprint by about a megabyte per second. Meter Bridge uses memory faster than the rest. Related to window redraw frequency? Be not on the bleeding edge, guys. My location recording laptop is on Snow…
  • Toolbox crashed after about 3 hours under Mavericks. Memory leak maybe? It had allocated 3.7GB before it halted and was shut down. Crash log attached.
  • :-D Happy to report TASCAM has released new drivers for their US-xxx interfaces which add Core Audio support as well as the previous direct "bit-accurate" type. The Core Audio interface works with FEAT and other App Store applications.
  • The other apps I use with the interfaces came from the App Store, so they would presumably be sandboxed. If I open the demo of Toolbox from this website, it recognizes both interfaces, so I can confirm the diagnosis. With luck, TASCAM will address the issue in the Mavericks drivers.
  • To complicate matters, Apple has released Mavericks OS, and TASCAM is revising drivers for the US-xxx series interfaces. This may or may not resolve the problem with Toolbox. :roll:
  • The version 2.0 driver is not compatible with OS 10.8. As mentioned, the Toolbox update is not compatible with OS 10.6, so I had to update the OS, and that forced an update to the TASCAM 2.10 driver. The 2.0 driver works with the old MacOS and old version of Toolbox, but since I've updated everything else, I can't really…
  • Latest TASCAM software is version 2.10 from their website. It doesn't matter whether any other software is running or not. I've tried running other apps which use the interfaces and then launch Toolbox, and I've tried cold shutdown and boot running only Toolbox. Toolbox never sees either TASCAM. The annoying thing is,…
  • The problem is still present with 10.8.4 and Toolbox 3.4. Admin account. I haven't tried setting up a non-admin account. I'll try that and see what happens. If I set up a new aggregate interface such as "Built-in I/O" of built-in i + O, it appears immediately in Toolbox. Likewise if I plug in a generic USB i/f like an iMic…
  • Hello? Anyone home?
  • I was last using version 3.1.2 with OS 10.6.8. The TASCAM software went from version 2.00 to 2.10. Attached is HALLab info on the US-1800, FWIW.
  • The app was downloaded from the App Store. I don't know of any restrictions. FEAT worked properly on the older Mini before the upgrade of the OS and app. The TASCAM interfaces appear in Audio Midi Setup, Logic, Audacity, and GarageBand. FEAT finds my composite "Built-in I/O" interface and Soundflower. Same behavior on a a…
  • Calibration correction and smoothing (1/24 octave - 1/3 octave, see Fuzzmeasure) would make FEAT useful for published microphone and speaker measurements, the primary reason I bought the software. For design work, FEAT is fine. The data is accurate and useable. It just isn't what people outside the laboratory are used to…
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