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Ever since I updated to 1.1.5 and now 2.1 signalscope is broken. I can start the app and choose the built in mic, but then the meter stops. I can choose the mic again, but the real time analyzation seems to be broken.




  • Erric,

    I'm not sure why updating to 1.1.5 would be relevant, since SignalScope only works with iPhone OS version 2.0 or later.

    I recommend rebooting your iPhone.  If that doesn't work, uninstall SignalScope and re-download it (as long as you use the same iTunes account, you won't be charged for it again).

  • Ben. I wasn't sure of the version when I bought it.

    I will try removing it and redownloading it and let you know what happens.

    Thank you for the swift reply.

  • Ben,

    That solved it. Thank you!

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