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I just purchased SignalScope for the iPhone and have been doing some initial measurements to get a feel for it. Can you tell me why the screen shots on your site show a frequency range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz but I'm only getting a range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz on my display?

I've been using it to get a feel for the frequency response in my acoustically treated listening room using a pink noise test signal (haven't found a white noise signal source yet) and I'm quite impressed  by the results, both from the application and from my room. Thanks for a very convenient and useful tool.


  • David,

    On a log frequency scale, the lowest frequency label will depend on the current frequency resolution, which is a function of the number of spectral lines you have selected. Increasing the number of spectral lines will increase the frequency resolution (and decrease the update rate of the spectrum).

    You can change the number of spectral lines in the options tab.

  • Many thanks for the very fast reply. I'll go try it again  :-)
  • I have a 1st gen iphone and am using SignalScope but the range is only goes from 10HZ to 4K. All the screen shots I see on the web site go from 20 to 20, how do I get my iphone to read at that range. Also can the two apps (SignalScope and Suite) run at the same time, meaning... can I run pink noise from one app and read the RTA from the other app at the same time?

  • When using the built-in microphone on the first generation iPhone, the sample rate is limited to 8 kHz, which limits the frequency span to 4 kHz. If you use the headset microphone, you will not have this limitation.

    Two third-party apps cannot run at the same time on the iPhone.

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