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Hi, i've just installed the NEW Soundmeter UPDATE to v. 1.1

There are not release notes nor other indications... please, can you tell me what is new in this release?



  • Hey, your first itunes recension is mine :-)  :-)
  • Even though the "What's new" should be showing up in the iTunes/App Store description any time, it might as well be published here.

    What's new in SoundMeter 1.1?
      [li]An option has been added to restore the default microphone sensitivity.[/li] [li]Changing the frequency weighting causes the current measurement to be reset.[/li] [li]SoundMeter now prompts the user to confirm their action when resetting the current measurement, changing frequency weighting, or calibrating the microphone sensitivity.[/li] [li]SoundMeter does not automatically restart after saving an image.[/li]
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