It is valid soundmeter to measure the decibels of a at night ???

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Hello, I need to know whether this application is valid to measure decibels in a pub.

It is to hear the noise inside and outside the premises.

That level of accuracy has? I have a 3G iphone.

Thank you very much

a greeting.


  • SoundMeter should measure sound levels up to approximately 105 dB (peak), using the iPhone 3G's built-in microphone. Anything above that level may not be measured accurately.

    Default sensitivity values should place the measurements within about 3 dB of what would be measured by a precision sound level meter, although the errors could be as much as 6 dB, or greater. If you have the means to perform a proper calibration, SoundMeter can be quite accurate.

    However, if you need to measure sound levels accurately, with a high degree of confidence, you will need to look for a dedicated sound level meter that conforms to ANSI and/or IEC standards for sound level meters.

  • Thank you for your prompt response.

    It is mandatory in calibrating SoundMeter to function properly, or can be used with the calibration that brings to default with an accuracy of plus or minus 3 db?

    and another question, that means I can make a properly calibrated?

    thank you very much

  • You don't have to calibrate SoundMeter to make measurements. If you don't calibrate, your measurement error will probably be less than 3dB, but it might be higher (~6dB, or greater). There's no way for us to guarantee a certain level of accuracy.

    If you want to make more accurate measurements, calibration is recommended.

  • Ok, and how it has to calibrate?
  • In a nutshell, to calibrate SoundMeter, you'll need another sound level meter (SLM) that has already been calibrated. Then, I would recommend generating a 1 kHz tone in a very quiet place--the tone should be much louder than the background noise. Place the mics of the calibrated SLM and SoundMeter very close together and make sure the two meters are reading the same value (Lp, flat, fast). Type the reading of the calibrated meter into the Calibrated Sound Level text box in SoundMeter, and then press the Calibrate button. Once you're satisfied that the two meters are reading the same level, you're done.
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