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For the room EQ-ing work that I do it would be very helpful for the spectrum display to be in 1/3 octave bars. Any chance of seeing that mode soon?

...and like everyone else has said, GREAT APP. Thanks.



  • Steve,

    Yes, 1/3-octave display is on the (rapidly-growing) to-do list. I'm not sure how soon it will make an appearance.

  • Hello everyone,
    First of all, thanks for this wonderful apps for iPhone.
    I'm working in a french mixing studio for television and film. (and sorry for my english)
    We try SignalScope, because it could help us to have an eye on our monitor's eq.
    (We have an iso x curve eq)
    Here's are the stuffs that we missed in Signalscope :
    1- Is it possible to have a relative mode on the vertical axis. We set a Odb wherever we want (for exemple -40dB and it calculate automatically the relative values.
    2- Can we have a ghost of the iso x curve on screen ? We just have to match the two curves.
    I think that it could be very useful.

    See the picture for exemple :

    And 3- What is the mode which smooths most the curve ?

    Thanks a lot for listening me. :wink:
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