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I have both a new 16GB 3G iPhone (black) and a 16GB iTouch and would like to know if SignalScope is usable on the iTouch?  I know that without a microphone it will not be able to process audio freqs but can the accelerometer in it be used for lower freq sampling? 

The application I have in mind is to check the performance of an automated transport system that moves at speeds up to 3.3m/s with wheels about 100mm in diameter.  About every 3m the rail the vehicle is riding on (in) ends and another rail section begins.  We attempt to make the transition between rails as smooth as possible and it would be great to be able to attach the iTouch or, if necessary, the iPhone to one of the vehicles and then monitor the performance of the rail/track. 

And, that brings me to the final question -- will SignalScope datalog so I can go back and look at the recorded data?




  • Brian,

    SignalScope could be run on the iPod touch, although in that case it would be of more limited value to many. Hopefully, we'll see audio input hardware officially supported on the iPhone before too long.

    SignalScope does not yet have any data acquisition/logging capability beyond saving data plot images to the user's photo library. Also, the time scales aren't long enough, yet, to work well for your application.

    You're not the first to request logging of accelerometer data, so we'll be working on it.

  • Thanks Ben, I await with interest the announcement of data logging...

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