iPhone 3G locks up often

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I just downloaded SignalScope thru iTunes. 

I have noticed some problems.  If one accidentally presses "Camera" while the microphone is still in "Play" mode, the phone appears to lock up...left alone for 20 seconds it finally saves an image.

When setting up single-shot triggering (0.5FS, positive, for example), sometimes the keyboard entry of the threshold level locks up...had to shut off the phone.  Each and every time I return to oscillosope after setting up single-shot triggering and attempt to talk into the microphone, the iPhone freezes completely.  Only once did the one-shot trigger detect the waveform, it is displayed, but then the phone  immediately locked up - can't exit, can't save the picture, can't navigate to menus or the phone's desktop.  Had to power the phone down.  Single-shot mode seems to have serious problems.

Is there something wrong with my particular download?


  • 1.  Regarding the image capture, even if you tap the camera icon while the analyzer is running, it shouldn't take long to save the image. Are you working with the built-in mic or the headset mic?

    2.  Regarding the single-shot triggering, this is not a known problem. Are you working with the built-in mic or the headset mic when this happens?

    I recommend uninstalling SignalScope and then re-installing it. To uninstall, hold your finger down on the app icon.  When it begins to wiggle, tap the X button in the upper left-hand corder of the icon and confirm that you want to remove it.

    Let us know if that helps.


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