Spectrograms (as opposed to a real-time spectral slice)?

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Any chance that SignalScope for the iPhone will be getting a spectrogram display in addition to the FFT analyzer that seems to be on there?  Real-time would be nice, but more useful (to me) would be the ability to record a short segment and then draw a zoomable spectrogram?

This would be very useful for me, as it provides a somewhat more conventional way of looking at speech acoustics.


  • Yes.  A real-time spectrogram is in the works.

  • Hi there, I also had the familiar problems downloading this app, but it updated itself onto my iPhone this evening, and it looks fantastic. A really great program!

    My background is in music, so although I know a lot about frequencies and stuff I'm certainly not an expert on this type of program. Perhaps a lot of iPhone users will be like me. I'm not sure exactly what a spectogram is, but I suspect that is something I am looking for too. Just so you know what I would be trying to use your program for:

    1. Illustrating vowel shapes to singers (shape of strength of overtones)

    2. A visual way to encourage singers and instrumentalists to produce a stronger 'tone', by which we usually talk about producing stronger overtones (upper harmonics).

    I've fiddled about with the settings, I wonder could you recommend any particular settings for the uses I mention there. For instance I think linear works better than log for the frequency side of things.

    And once again thanks for a brilliant app!
  • overtones,

    It sounds like a spectrogram would be very valuable to you. You can take a look at our Mac software for sample spectrogram displays.

    For now, with SignalScope on iPhone, your best bet may be to work with a linear frequency scale and a dB magnitude scale. Increasing the number of spectral lines will improve the frequency resolution, but it will slow down the responsiveness of the spectrum display. A little trial and error can help you find a setting that you like best.

    The harmonic cursors may also be helpful.


  • Any updates on this?  I'm very eagerly anticipating a spectrogram option, even more if I could set the window length on the spectrogram (to reveal formants in speech, for instance).
  • There's nothing to announce yet.

    What range of window lengths would you be looking for?
  • I'd like to be able to switch to a window length around 0.005 seconds to get a good broadband spectrogram :)
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