Problems downloading SignalScope from the App Store [UPDATED]

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Some customers have reported the following error message when trying to download SignalScope, after paying for it:

"Unable to check for purchases. An unknown error occurred (-206)."

The problem needs to be resolved by iTunes support. If this has happened to you, I'm afraid the best thing you can do is submit a detailed report to iTunes (instructions, here), and wait until the problem is fixed (hopefully, within a day or two). Judging by the discussion boards at Apple's support site, similar problems have occurred recently with other iTunes downloads (like TV shows), and they appear to have been resolved.

We're doing all we can to get the right message to the right people as soon as possible to get this problem solved.

If you have successfully downloaded SignalScope, please tell us about it.

Thank you for your patience and for your support.

Ben Faber

UPDATE:  Sometime on Monday afternoon, July 14, SignalScope and SignalSuite downloads began to work. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


  • Interestingly, iTunes just refunded my money for SignalScope, and told me to talk to the developer to figure out what the issue is, and to wait "up to two weeks" before repurchasing.  Any ideas here?  I'd love to get my hands on this software ASAP, and am willing to give it another try if you all think it's worth doing.
  • As recently as yesterday (Sunday, July 13th), iTunes Store Support was suggesting that the problem was with the application itself, and directing customers to contact the developer (Faber Acoustical).

    Fortunately, late yesterday afternoon, iTunes support acknowledged that the problem lies with them, and that they now have their engineering team working to correct it as soon as possible.

    Hopefully, it won't take too much longer...

    Thank you for your patience and your support, everyone!

  • Dear Ben,

    I have experience the download (-206) problem. Apple is refunding the cost, as a sign of good faith, and giving me credits for three tunes.  Just FYI, here's a quote from an e-mail I received today just before 3:20 pm CDT:

    "I have located your account and I see the item you have difficulty with is "SignalScope" and it looks as if there is an issue with this item and we are advising customers to contact the provider of this application. "


  • I had the same problem since the 11th.  Today however, everything downloaded properly.  Then I had to change "Sync all applications" option in Itunes.    I

    Its downloaded and working :-D

    Am looking forward to using both applications in my work.
  • I WAS having the same problem as well. Error -206. It is a problem with the itunes server. All you have to do is notify itunes support of the problem and the problem was fixed that day. I am up and running with Signal Suite and Signal Scope. YEASSSSS!

  • I was able to download SignalScope  to my 16 GB iPhone 3G last night; showed it off at work today (work for a large tech equipment manufacturer), wowed  :-o more than a few people with it. :-)

    Unfortunately, I ran into some issues with it tonight. :-(

    Started to notice what seemed like "instability" in the iPhone's operation; tonight, when I tried syncing it, the iPhone kept timing out during the sync.  In the process, SignalScope appears to have been gotten corrupted, & now will not operate AT ALL. :cry:  The Icon is still there, but when activated, it will come on for about a second, then jump back out.  The process appears to have corrupted an additional app (fortunately a FREE one) as well.  How can I go about restoring SignalScope :?  (I REALLY liked it!). :-)              Tom
  • Tom,

    I recommend uninstalling SignalScope from your iPhone and re-installing it. To uninstall, hold your finger on the SignalScope icon, on the iPhone home screen, until it begins to wiggle. Then, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner of the icon, and confirm that you want to delete the app. If you downloaded it through iTunes, the next time you sync with iTunes, SignalScope should be reinstalled on your iPhone.  Otherwise, you can re-download it from the App Store on your iPhone (you won't be charged a second time, as long as you haven't somehow switched to a different iTunes account).

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, Ben!  I re-installed it tonight, seems to be working fine. :-D  From someone used to old Tektronix & HP scopes, this is an INCREDIBLE little app! 8-)  (Now I have to conjure up a probe for it!) :-D  Tom
  • Encountering issues downloading SignalScope from the App Store? Stay informed by checking the latest updates from the developers. Their commitment to addressing and resolving problems ensures a smoother experience for users. Thank you for the ongoing efforts to enhance app accessibility and functionality.

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