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The mobile version of SignalScope debuted in the iPhone App Store on opening day. SignalScope turns your iPhone into a powerful, real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope.

Feel free to use this forum to post your questions, suggestions, tips, tricks, and experiences regarding SignalScope on iPhone.

Thank you!


  • SignalsCope for the iPhone seems as an awesome application.  I definitely going to buy it. However, before I do so I have a question that is not documented (at less I didn't find it) in the information displayed so far on the website.

    What are the format files that I can save the information recorded by the iPhone?  I mean, it will be awesome that besides a JPEG or so format  I could also save them as ascii files that I can later on send by email to my computer for further analysis.  That feature will really make this application top notch!

  • Juan-Carlos,

    SignalScope captures images of the data plots and saves them as jpeg files in the iPhone's Camera Roll photo album. The saved image sizes are 640x714 pixels or 940x542 pixels for portrait and landscape modes, respectively.

    Your idea of capturing the actual data and transferring it to a computer is a great one!

  • Thank you for creating this program! It is a blast to use! Very nice layout. I also purchased Signal Suite. Good Bye Pink Stick!
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