Testing two devices in series


I want to use Electroacoustics Toolbox with my audio interface to test a piece of analog equipment.  Is there a way to calibrate the software to the audio interface, so that I see just the response of the analog DUT?


-E. Lectreau


  • Depending on your needs, if you have a high quality audio device, which is recommended for making precision measurements, you probably won't need to perform any kind of device correction before measuring your DUT.

    (For an example, look at the frequency response magnitude plot in the audio device measurement tutorial.)

    In fact, Electroacoustics Toolbox was designed for making measurements with high-quality audio devices, and as a result, it does not currently offer any kind of device correction, with the exception of allowing you to perform overall voltage (or other supported units) calibrations. More sophisticated device correction is on the to-do list, however, and if there is significant demand, it can be moved up in priority.

    If your measurement needs are such that you feel further device correction would be necessary, I would be interested to learn more about it.

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