Can’t open sounmeter app on iphone

I bought soundmeter about 10 years ago.
And I have not used app long time.
I recently remembered this application and wanted to use it, but when I tapped the icon, the application opened for a moment, then the screen closed and went back to normal.
When I go to iPhone settings and tap on app store, purchased, soundmeter, it seems like this application is no longer in the app store.
Will I no longer be able to use this application?


  • Hi @korim,
    Since the version of SoundMeter you purchased is so old, you would need to run it on an iPhone with iOS 12 or older (which you can still do if you have such a device).
    The good news is that you can download SoundMeter X for free and it offers all the functionality of the original SoundMeter for free.

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