Multiple microphones in "Level Meter"

Is it possible to have "Level Meter" run on multiple microphones in parallel in SignalScope X on a Mac?

What I'm doing: I have four microphones hooked up to an audio interface. I may potentially want to use even more. These microphones take a calibrator and I've referenced them to dB SPL. I've got a "Level Meter" panel set up in "MultiTool". I've also tried using "Level Meter" directly under "Advanced Tools."

What I've tried:

  • Clicking on the waveform squiggly to get the "Channel Selection" panel and trying to select more than one channel at a time. Unlike the "Channel Selection" panel on other panels like "Oscilloscope" and "FFT Analyzer", "Input Channels" acts like a radio button rather than a series of check boxes.
  • Adding another "Level Meter" panel to MultiTool... doesn't seem to be possible and it seems like we're limited to six panels at a time.

I think I'm making a feature request, but if there's a way to do this with the software today that I'm missing, I'd appreciate a solution.


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    Alternatively, Electroacoustic Toolbox (I own a copy) has the ability to have a level meter for multiple mics independently, but I don't see a way to record the audio all at once. I can use the "capture" tab under "Sound Level Meter" tools to record an input, but these output to separate files and the way the file save dialog is implemented makes it unclear which file is associated with which "Sound Level Meter".

    In SignalScope X, I'd just use the "Recorder" tool.

  • Is it possible to have "Level Meter" run on multiple microphones in parallel in SignalScope X on a Mac?

    At present, the Level Meter only supports a single channel at a time. However, you can select 4 channels in the Octave Analyzer which will measure the same quantities as the Level Meter, plus spectral data. You could run the Octave Analyzer and the Recorder at the same time in the MultiTool.

    This requires that your 4 microphones are connected to the same audio input device.

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