Cannot stream signal generator output to Airplay device.

I have an iphone without a headphone jack, so I use airplay to send audio from my phone to my mixing console via old airport. I cannot figure out how to wirelessly send output from SignalScope X signal generator via airplay. Any advice, not possible, etc.


  • Hi Steven,

    Airplay has proven to be quite tricky when used with apps, like SignalScope X, that use both audio input and output, although it generally works as you would expect for apps that support output only. For a time, iOS did not allow Airplay to even be used by apps that support input and output. A few years ago, Apple added optional support for Airplay output which is built into SignalScope X. It can be made to work, but it can be finicky.

    Airplay output does work pretty consistently when you mirror your screen to an Airplay device, like an Apple TV. I did some testing with SignalScope X, this morning, and was able to get it to work with an older Yamaha receiver (which does not support screen mirroring). In short, I mirrored the screen on an Apple TV and made sure SignalScope X's signal generator was sending signals to it (I used white noise for a quick audible check). Once I had the signal coming through the speakers connected to my Apple TV, I then turned off mirroring on the iPhone and opened the output audio route selection menu in SignalScope X (tap the Airplay icon to the right of the Output Volume slider in the I/O Configuration menu) and selected the Apple TV, again. At that point, my output signals successfully went through the Apple TV without mirroring. Then, from the same output route selection menu in SignalScope X, I selected the Yamaha receiver. Success!

    Hopefully, this will be of some help to you. If you don't have an Apple TV or some other device that supports Airplay screen mirroring, I'm not sure how you'll be able to get it to work with your mixing console (I assume from your post that you have a console with built-in Airplay).

    At some point, we do plan to update our legacy SignalSuite app, which has no problem with Airplay since it is an output-only app.

    You might also benefit from broadcasting the signal over Bluetooth or getting a headset adapter (or some other USB audio interface) for your iPhone.

    What do you plan to do with the signal once you get it into the console?


  • Just to print various tones to tape. Nothing too mission critical. I do see how to send the output to airplay, it just isn't working, which is fine I'll just need to find my lightning to headphone adapter. Thank you for your response.

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