Analyze DC-coupled audio inputs with SignalScope X

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imageAnalyze DC-coupled audio inputs with SignalScope X

With the release of version 11.4 of SignalScope X, you can more easily generate and analyze signals with DC content, as long as you have compatible hardware with DC-coupled input and/or output channels. The number of audio interfaces with DC-coupled output channels seems to have been growing for some time, although very few interfaces offer DC-coupled inputs.

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  • I read the comments on the App Store so I will of course never give you my money.

  • Hi Kobs,
    Of course, I'm sorry to hear that. It's unfortunate that we have received so many negative reviews since our switch to a subscription model for SignalScope and SoundMeter. Many of the reviews are based on misunderstandings and/or unrealistic expectations. Some users thought they would receive free upgrades forever to our original apps. We can't offer free upgrades forever, since our whole business is based on software. I think Apple's App Store policies led many to believe that they could expect that.
    Some users believe that the apps they paid for don't work anymore. While they may not work on the latest and greatest versions of iOS, they work as well as ever on the versions of iOS they were designed for. Some also believe that we only offer subscriptions. In fact, we offer a choice between subscriptions (in SignalScope X and SoundMeter X) and traditional perpetual license versions (pay once, use forever with compatible hardware and operating systems).
    It's also important to note that auto-renewable subscriptions can be canceled at any time and you can still use the remaining subscription time that was paid for. So, for example, you could purchase a one month subscription and then cancel it immediately. You would have access to the subscription for the next month and it would not auto-renew. In that way, you could pay less for the software if you only use it a couple times per year (as some of our customers do).
    In any case, if you find value in our apps, we hope you'll give them a try. They are designed to be the best at what they do and we've received validation from users all over the world, including from the likes of NIOSH. For years, we've had professional users tell us that we are charging too little for the real value we offer in our apps.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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