Leq averaging


I’m looking to get the LAeq over a measurement period.

Soundmeter X doesn’t seem to display this, it seems to be more of an instantaneous LAeq.

Is there a way to do this? Perhaps in a more traditional way a sound level meter does?


  • edited June 2021

    SoundMeter X offers 3 averaging times for Leq measurements. The Leq average can be calculated for 1/8 or 1 second, in which case a completely new Leq value is calculated 8 times or 1 time per second, respectively. The third option is to have the average calculated over the entire duration of the measurement, from the time the meter starts running until it stops. The third option is the traditional way Leq was calculated in earlier versions of SoundMeter.
    In the app, the traditional option is represented by an infinity symbol in the user interface.

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