Can I use SoundMeter to measure noise via my Windows laptop?

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Please help me: I have a butchery backing onto my flat whose chillers make variable loud noise 24/7 and especially at night.  I would like to be able to monitor the noise myself on a continuous basis, but I don't want to buy an iPhone especially to run SoundMeter; and anyway, "Evaluation of smartphone noise apps"
says the iPhone 5 is not very accurate.
Is there SoundMeter software to use on my Windows laptop??
Many thanks for your help


  • Zoe,

    I'm not aware of any affordable sound level meter software for Windows.

    You might consider an iPod touch as a less expensive alternative to the iPhone. The accuracy of your measurements will depend on the quality of your calibration, regardless of which device you use. You can get more reliable measurements with an external measurement microphone, like the MicW i436.

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