Stops measuring after upgrade to OSX 10.9

After upgrading to Mavericks my project windows stops measuring after some time and can not be started again. No pattern in what type of measurement window..
Start - Stop button changes to strange color when pressed in individual windows that have stopped.
Reloading whole project and all OK again for a while.

Would also be nice to have dBu reference - calibration.
( dBu are the most common ref. in Pro Audio. )



  • I have the same issue.  Flipping annoying especially with a large show this weekend.  Seems to just do it based upon time.  Leave it running for about a minute and it stops.  Pressing stop and play button causes incremental readings kinda like a freeze frame function.  Kinda wild.  Not really liking this whole Mavericks deal.
  • Toolbox crashed after about 3 hours under Mavericks. Memory leak maybe? It had allocated 3.7GB before it halted and was shut down. Crash log attached.
  • Watching in Activity Monitor, with Meter Bridge, Oscilloscope, Octave Analyzer, and X-Y Scope open, Toolbox increases memory footprint by about a megabyte per second. Meter Bridge uses memory faster than the rest. Related to window redraw frequency?

    Be not on the bleeding edge, guys. My location recording laptop is on Snow Leopard. It HAS to work.
  • H3nry,

    How many input channels were you monitoring? Which input device were you using? Is this repeatable?


  • I was monitoring 2 channels on the US-1800. It is repeatable on any of my Macs under OS10.9 on any input. Procedure: start Activity Monitor and look at memory. Start Toolbox, new project, select Built-in Input and start it, open Meter Bridge or any other window, and watch Toolbox memory go up. The more windows open, the faster.
  • H3nry,

    Version 3.4.2 addresses two issues that could potentially lead to excessive memory use. I would be interested to know if this version solves the issue you have been having.

  • It is certainly much better. Memory usage is much reduced, but there is a slow creep upward. With Meter Bridge, XY Plotter, O'scope, and Octave Band windows running, memory started out a bit under 43MB and has gradually crept up to 111MB after an hour. Interestingly, for half that time the Toolbox windows were covered by other applications, and so not redrawing though Toolbox was running, and for that period no memory increase occurred. At the moment, there is no audio signal input, so meters aren't "moving" but memory is still ticking upward (meter windows are visible).

    OS X 10.9.1, Mini with Core i7 and 16 GB RAM. Same behavior on 2009 Mini with Core Duo and 8 GB. Doesn't seem to be related to the audio interface in use, same with built-in I/O as external USB interfaces.
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