I just purchased a serial number, but it isn't being accepted ...

I just purchased a serial number, but it isn't being accepted by
the program.  Now what?

It takes some time for the serial number to be recognized by the
web server responsible for product activation.  If registration
fails, please wait until at least 15 minutes after you received
your serial number.

If registration continues to fail, please check to be sure the
serial number is being entered exactly as it should.  Sometimes
when performing a copy and paste, an extra space may get inserted
at the beginning of the number.

The next thing to try is to click the Manual Registration button
after entering your serial number, rather than the Register button. 
This works for some people, particularly those with wireless
internet connections, when the standard registration procedure
does not.

If registration continues to fail: <a href="http://www.faberacoustical.com/support/request_support/"&gt;
Contact us</a> and provide any error messages that may have been
displayed by the program as well as any relevant details about
your system.
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