Accelerometer buffer length

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I'm trying to save accelerometer data to a *.mat file, but I don't see any option to adjust the amount of time saved.  In fact, it appears that I can only get 100ms of data (10 samples).  Is there any way to increase the duration of the recording?


  • From your description, it appears that you are trying to capture data in the Oscope tool. You can adjust the time scale of the Oscope tool using a two-finger pinch/expand gesture within the time axis region of the plot (below the graph where the axis labels are). You can increase the time scale to as much as 500 ms per division. All the captured data will be exported to the MAT file.

  • Ah, I was trying to pinch the main graph region, not the axis.  Now I can get several seconds.  Thanks!
  • FYI, after getting that data, the app crashed.  I tried closing all other apps, and rebooting (both 'soft' & 'hard'), but to no avail.  Finally, deleting & re-installing the app worked.
  • I'm sorry SignalScope Pro crashed. Will you please provide additional details about when it crashed? Were you able to export the data to a file? How much data did you acquire?

    Since you mention rebooting without success, was the crash repeatable, or did the app fail to launch after the initial crash?


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