Signal to Noise Ratio Testing

Hello All,

I am a student currently completing my final year project on a Sound Engineering Degree Course.

For this final project I have chosen to investigate the effects of wireless signal transmission in the live environment in comparison to wired transmission of signal.

To complete this project I aim to compare two Microphone systems of the same capsule, one obviously being wireless the other wired, when exposed to different forms of radio frequency interference and battery life / distance stresses.  To compare the outcomes I would like to be able to assess;
Signal Strength
Signal to noise ratio
Frequency response,
Of each system under different stresses.

I would be very interested in any suggestions on how I may be able to use Electroacoustics Toolbox software to find the signal to noise ratio, as the other two tests I feel are fairly self explanatory.

Any feedback would be great as this is my first time using the software for testing rather than signal monitoring purposes.




  • Jon,

    When you measure frequency response with the Dual FFT Analyzer tool in Electroacoustics Toolbox, it will also calculate SNR (signal to noise ratio) as a function of frequency, so you'll already have that data.

    If you want to measure SNR at discrete frequencies, you can use the FFT Analyzer tool. You just place a cursor at the test frequency and turn on the SNR calculation in the FFT Analyzer's info drawer.

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