Can SignalScope and SignalSuite work at the same time on the iPhone 4?

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I bought the SignalScope and SignalSuite apps for my iPhone 4.  Both work great but I expected that SignalSuite would run in the background so you could use SignalScope at the same time as shooting the room with pink noise from SignalSuite.  I suspect that you have to buy the full version in order to get them to work at the same time.  A friend of mine got the full app and the two features work together, however his options and display controls are much diferent than mine and I woulndt want his version as you cant do things like expand the display in the FFT window.  Anyway, I just want to be able to run the audio out from my phone using SignalSuite to an input on my board and at the same time use the FFT off the built in iPhone mic to get some basic readings off my rooms without having to buy the full program.  Is that too much to ask? :-D. 


  • Crabwalkstudios,

    SignalScope necessarily disables audio from any other app that may be running on the iPhone, so SignalSuite and SignalScope cannot run at the same time.

    You may be interested to know that the signal generator tool, which is available for purchase within SignalScope, automatically synchronizes swept sine and periodic pseudorandom noise sequences with the length of the FFT employed by the FFT analyzer. This means that clean frequency response magnitude measurements can be made very easily with little or no averaging (see the SignalScope Pro demo video for an example of this with an external equalizer).

    Also, the IOScope app is a dual-channel analyzer, which is designed for frequency response magnitude and phase measurements, as well as impulse response and correlation measurements.

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