Actual signal output level

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I want determine the sensitivity of a mic input which means I need to be able to output a known voltage.

I have an iPhone with a 30-pin plug that outputs video plus Left and Right audio.

I notice there is now a control to set output level. Is there a way to bypass this?

And, is there a way to set signal output so the voltage output via the 30-pin plug really is that voltage?

Can I set the output in +dBV or +dBu or even better -dBu?


  • SignalSuite currently requires signal amplitudes to be specified relative to the full scale output level. The full scale level will be dependent on the selected audio output route (e.g. headphone output, or line-level output via the dock connector).

    Once you know the full-scale output of your particular device, then you'll be able to output known voltages, as long as you perform the relevant conversion between full scale (FS) and volts (V).
    I notice there is now a control to set output level. Is there a way to bypass this?
    I'm not sure what control you're referring to, but none of the output level controls can be bypassed. You'll need to make sure they're properly set. The amplitude slider values are remembered when the app exits, but the slider in the Options screen is tied to the device volume, which can be altered with the physical volume buttons.
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