Adjust time scale to 1s/div? Voltage measurements?

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I would like to see the measured signal sweep across the screen and have a time scale between 100ms - 1s / div.  Is this possible?  I read in a 2008 forum that seeing the signal sweep across the screen was on the roadmap.  Was it implemented?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to make measurements in Volts, not Pa.  Is that possible?  If not, is there a simple conversion for the mic input?



  • Jeremy,

    Are you interested in SignalScope on the Mac, or on the iPhone? Since this is the Mac forum, I will suggest that you download SignalScope and give it a try.

    On the iPhone, you can measure volts with SignalScope Pro, or with SignalScope when you purchase the data acquisition upgrade (via in-app purchase). In either case, you'll need to perform a voltage calibration to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.

    The time scale in SignalScope for Mac can be set as high as 2s/div, and on the iPhone it can be set as high as 500ms/div. At large time scales the signal does sweep across the screen. What it does not do, yet, is begin to scroll once the screen is full.

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