Launching SignalScope without internet connection

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Hello there!

I have an iPod touch. When I launch SignalScope without an internet connection active, it gives an error saying it can't connect to the AppStore. I am not sure why it does this but this error is a bit annoying as it happens every single time I launch the app and I need to click OK to close the error message. Strange because I have the in-app purchase display switched off (already bought the octave analyzer upgrade but do not need the others).

I sincerely hope you can improve your wonderful software so it doesn't raise this error.




  • This error appears when you do not have an active internet connection, but when In-app Purchases are enabled in the Settings app. SignalScope's option to hide the display in the main tab view does not disable in-app purchases for SignalScope altogether.

    Still, I can see how this error could be annoying under the circumstances you described. We'll take a look at providing a more elegant solution to this issue.

    Your feedback is appreciated.

  • Thanks for the reply! I obviously do not want to switch off in-app purchases as it will affect all apps. However, yes, I'd like you to have a look at this as seeing this error is a little disrupting. I use my iPod with SignalScope in many places and studios where there is no Wi-Fi so this fix would be a very welcome improvement to an otherwise perfect experience!
  • I would like to thank you guys for fixing this so quickly! Really love your app and your wonderful, active service. Wishing you all the best, will recommend your software to everyone!
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