Accelerometer Input

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Question, I saw that the accelerometer can be used as an input, which would work perfectly for some of my vibration data work, but do you know how accurate is?  I am measuring fairly small vibrations (.001 Gs of resolution would be terrific) and was curious if you have done any testing with it at different amplitudes and frequencies.

Also, can you use the accelerometer in IOScope?



  • Chris,

    If you use the built-in accelerometer, you will be limited to a 0-50 Hz frequency band.

    Also, if you are planning to perform highly sensitive vibration analysis, then the mass of the iPhone or iPod touch may not work to your advantage.

    The built-in accelerometer is not available for input in IOScope.

  • Thank you for the quick response!

    Well, the mass shouldn't be a problem because I am measuring vibration on rather large motors but the 50hz is a bit sad... Oh well, can still use an external accelerometer.

    Thank you again, sir!
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