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I'm thinking of tinkering with an iphone sound meter.

I'm trying to develop something that behaves like an analog
needle meeter found on old amps like the McIntoshes, kenwoods, etc.

Is there an open source equivalent package or would a kind
soul point me to resources:
1. Do I need a 2D physics engine for the needle animation?
2. Are there any references on how to measure loudness?




  • MM,

    Your ultimate resource for specifications would be the international standard for sound level meters, IEC 61672-1. You would probably have to buy this from a scientific library or from the IEC website.

    A complete beginner should probably just find the equations for 'time-averaged sound level' and 'frequency weighting A' on the web and start to figure out what to do from there.

    Good luck making anything nearly as good as SoundMeter, though!

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