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I recently bought SignalScope from the iTunes Store and, following the "iPhone microphone frequency response" blog on the website, I decided to buy a ThumbTacks microphone to pair with the application.
I owe an old iPhone, so according to the blog this would be the best application-microphone choice.

Apparently the 2 items don't work together though. To me at least.
I mean when there is no microphone inserted in the iPhone the applications works with no problem; unfortunately the built-in mic frequency response is up to only 5KHz, so it's practically no use to me. This is actually very well explained and compared in the blog.

Now, if I fit in the iPhone the ThumbTuck mic in something weird happens, the analysis start to shake and apparently no sound is perceived by the mic. The spectrum analyzer goes randomly up and down with no logic...
Is this my mistake; maybe I need to switch the setting in some way, or is this a problem with the mic and/or the application? I actually tried to play around with the setting but with no success.

Does anybody have the same problem?

Many thanks,



  • Sergio,

    Your original iPhone and ThumbTacks microphone should work just fine together.
    The spectrum analyzer goes randomly up and down with no logic...
    What does this mean? Do you have Autoscale set to Auto? Does it help to turn it off or set it to Up? Increasing the number of spectral lines might also help, since that will slow down the rate at which the spectrum display updates.

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