Want to buy SignalScope Pro but need answers first

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I've just bought a new Ipod Touch 2nd GEN and want to buy the SignalScope Pro. My questions are:

1. What dedicated input signals can the SignalScope Pro select and where do they specifically come from the Ipod touch hardware/connectors ?

2. Does any of these input signals require an external hardware circuit to buffer/reformat/amplify ?

3. If possible, please give me electrical characteristic specs requirements for these input signals so that I can work with the SignalScope Pro.


Scott-Thanh Ngo


  • Scott,

    Please read the recent articles on the blog in the iPhone category. There you will find explanation and examples of input options for the various iPhone OS devices. A good starting point would be iPhone OS Audio Routes.

    You can also subscribe to the blog's rss feed, or follow faberast on Twitter, in order to keep up to date on the latest information regarding input options for SignalScope Pro.

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