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I've been happily using SSP for awhile and it works great. I'd like to request a feature.

Can there be an option for reduced CPU load? Normally, I have two displays going: 1.3 octave RTA and oscilloscope. Both are running in dual channel mode, so I know I'm slamming the CPU.

SSP is always open on a second monitor during my Pro Tools sessions, both as a tool and as eye-candy for the clients. For those times when it's MOSTLY eye-candy, it would be great to reduce the load on the CPU.

Maybe screen updates every half second, or an option to sample the input audio only a fraction of the normal time.

If you have any ideas you want to beta test, I'm happy to try them.

Michael Coyle
Senior Engineer
Chicago Recording Company


  • The onscreen drawing in SignalScope Pro accounts for the significant CPU use of the program.

    We are working on a more advanced analyzer that utilizes OpenGL for hardware-accelerated onscreen drawing that should significantly reduce the CPU load. It's not official, yet, but a limited version of the new software may eventually replace SignalScope and SignalScope Pro.

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