Complaint about Upgrade Price for SignalScope Pro

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I am a happy owner of the SignalScope and SignalSuite apps, so when I heard today that Faber Acoustical had combined them into a new app, SignalScopePro, which also contained several sorely needed features like calibration and EU, I immediately inquired about upgrading my iPhone 3G.

The reply was

  "Unfortunately, Apple's policies for the iTunes App Store prevent us from offering special pricing for certain customers, like those who have already purchased SignalScope for iPhone. However, we do believe that those who need the features in SignalScope Pro, will find it to be a good value."

This means that if I were a new customer, SignalScopePro would cost $75,
but since I am upgrading to the new product, I have to pay a lot extra:

  SignalScope        $25 (already purchased, not needed after upgrade)
  SignalSuite          $10 (already purchased, not needed after upgrade)
  SignalScopePro $75 (new)
                              $110  i.e. in my case, I have to pay 47% extra

This doesn't seem right to me. Isn't there a creative way for Faber to not penalize existing customers (like me) who would like to upgrade?



  • Considering how much I have spent on other measurement software in the past, I think $75 for pro is a real bargain for what you get, all in one app!  Even though I have all the previous Faber apps, it would be nice to have some kind of upgrade path, however I can't fault Faber for something that the Apple Store is incapable of providing.  Send your beef to Apple, hopefully they can "enhance" the store so that upgrades can be accommodated in the future.
  • I thought with the 3.0 upgrade apple allowed developers to offer in app upgrades? Wouldn't that work for signalscope users?  I just ran into a situation yesterday where I needed to output pink noise and monitor the output in the same app. I'm thinking about just sucking it up and going forward with the purchase, but some how I feel like I did when apple dropped the price the week after I bought my first iPhone. This thing is costing me a lot of money to be the first in line.  :|
  • I too have to admit that I am disappointed about the upgrade path. I have been on-board with the entire suite for the iPhone since it was published. I was promised that the update for 1/3 octive display was coming... that's all I wanted. Now instead of an update to the software that I paid good money for, I have to re-purchase the program for an additional $75! I'm sorry but I just feel that this is unfair.
  • I agree with the other poster's comments.  I honestly thought that the two apps I purchased at first DID work together.  I was pleased to find that the PRO version solved my problem, but $110 is a little rich for an IPhone app. 
  • I also purchased Signalscope and Signalsuite and now do I have to pay $75.00 to upgrade? please give me $35 credit towards Signalscope Pro. Be Fair, please, I should not have to pay all over again! :evil:
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