Can I use SS to set the gains on my car system?

edited December 1969 in SignalScope
I'd like to set the gains in my car audio system at each point (head unit, processor, amp) by looking at the signal on a scope and raising it until I see clipping.

Would this application allow me to do that? I was thinking of using the headset input.


  • kopimon,

    SignalScope will let you monitor signal levels in a couple different ways, so it could certainly help you to set your gains.

    The headset input requires a low input voltage, between 10 and 15 mV peak. That may still work for you, if you have appropriate external circuitry between your equipment and the iPhone OS device.

    Alternatively, you might want to check out the Tunewear Stereo Sound Recorder for iPod, which will allow you to analyzer higher voltage signals via the dock connector audio input.

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