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Dear reader,

As a hardware in out I considered the RME fireface 800, but came up with an alternative.

I am considdering to use the RME MADIface as a in-out to my macbook pro.
It uses madi and a express card to go in en out.
I already own two RME OctaMic II preamps and a RME ADI-8 DS 8xin and 8xout adda converter.
Adding a ADI-648 will make it powerfull setup combining 64 channels madi and the stuf you can get in there by using the adat/madi matrixmixer of the 648.

My Hope is to be able to record and do measurements with this setup, maybe simultaniously.
Is this possible and are there already users with experience in this.

I found a programm called Jack which makes it possible to share audio sources on a mac, though i didn't use it yet. maybe it can be helpfull.

please advice. :-D


  • Hi.

    You've probably solved your problem already, I just arrived at this forum now.
    I know RME stuff pretty well. What you suggest is a good setup. Although the price of an ADI648 + MADIFace is probably enough to buy two Fireface800 (and still have some money leftover). And you can always connect the ADAT outputs of the Octamic II to the ADAT inputs of the Fireface800.
    But with the MADI setup you are prepared for the future and can add more and more devices.

    Can you please update on your choices? Have you bought anything?

    Best regards.
  • Dear Andre and other readers,

    As 2009 was not the best year for a freelance technician I did not invest in hardware so far.
    I considered to buy the fireface UC as an in-between, but could not decide.
    As I own two octomics and one adi and also three HD24's and yamaha adat cards,  its still a good idea to choose the madi/adat option.
    Simultanious recording wil be possible, Waves Multirack can be used in several ways and multichannel measurements will be possible.
    I use Soundflower on the mac which is a fine program to use.
    I will keep you up to date if i can get it working, please react on this topic if someone else did!
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